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Game & Puzzle Design is a peer-reviewed print journal publishing high quality work on all aspects of game and puzzle design. The journal aims to bring together designers and researchers from a variety of backgrounds, to foster a deeper understanding of games and facilitate the creation of new high quality games and puzzles. We are particularly interested in the intersection between traditional and digital game design, and the points at which these disciplines converge and diverge.

Submissions may pertain to any type of game or puzzle – abstract, physical, printed, digital, etc. – but should focus on underlying mechanics or gameplay rather than visual design. The emphasis will be on traditional games and puzzles, although submissions on digital games (other than major AAA video games) are also welcome, especially where links are drawn between traditional and digital design approaches.

We encourage authors to explore general design principles that can be extrapolated to other types of games in other contexts. Strategy and complexity analyses are welcome where they are relevant to some aspect of design. The scope is deliberately kept broad.

Examples of suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
• Case studies of games and puzzles showing key aspects of design.
• Analyses of new games and puzzles from a design perspective.
• Good design practices, their generalisation and application.
• Computational methods for automated game analysis and design.
• The psychology of play and the aesthetics of design.
• Design grammars and the vocabulary of game design.
• Reconstructions of ancient games.
• Reuse of known design principles in new contexts.
• Design issues in implementing digital versions of traditional games.
• Patterns/antipatterns that lead to good/bad designs.
• Distinguishing clones and variants from new games.
• Intellectual property issues related to authorship in game design.
• Designing for one, two or more players.

Please see the Submit page for details on submitting articles.

Issues are available through direct purchase.

Note that there is no planned released date for the next issue; it will happen when there is enough content. In the meantime, authors are directed to the ICGA Journal and the IEEE Transactions on Games as alternative publication venues.


• Compendium of
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   12 Jan 2016.

• Issue #3 now out:
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